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How It Works: the Patient Journey

1. Accident
The patient journey starts with the accident. From here, you are looking for a work injury doctor or motor vehicle accident doctor. That is where Dr. Saks comes in!

2. Appointment Made
Once you call us, we can mark out a block of time specially for you. Call (503) 612-8448.
We accept your insurance as payment, upon approval.

3. Initial Visit
For your first visit, you and Dr. Saks will get to know each other and the process. Expect this first visit to take 2 hours, for filling the necessary paperwork, urinalysis, and for the initial exam with Dr. Saks.

4. Dr. Saks's Recommendations
By the end of the initial exam, Dr. Saks will discuss his findings and what he recommends for treatment specific to your case.

5. Follow Ups
Usually, the first follow up will be 2-3 days after your initial visit to make sure that everything is okay and you are adjusting well to everything. After that, there will be regular follow up visits throughout the patient journey.

6. Closing Exam
The patient journey ends with a closing exam. Yay!

The average time patients are seen until the injuries are healed: 4 ½ months. This is from the time of your first appointment at our clinic.

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